Vote Jim Glover for Brevard County Commission

"Brevard represents the best of America: We're dedicated to our families, our businesses, our schools and our homes. I believe that what we do here and now defines not only our future, but the community our children will inherit. Thank you for voting and placing value in Brevard County.” –Jim Glover

Meet Jim Glover

Personal: Father & youth sports coach

Occupation: Retired U.S. Army Major
√ Ranger and Paratrooper
√ 6 combat tours spanning 4 foreign wars

√ Master’s Degree: Management and Leadership
√ Bachelor’s Degree: Political Science
√ Graduate: U.S. Army Command & Staff College
√ Graduate: Ranger School, Special Forces Selection
√ Law School: Glover is now in his final year at Barry University Law School and is gaining valuable experience interning as an Assistant State Attorney in Brevard County.